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Fishing Charters Florida Keys Launches Today! April 30 2013

The Florida Keys are home to more fishing charters than any other area in the World!  It only makes sense though, the Keys are a 120 mile long chain of Islands extending off of the Southeastern tip on Florida.  We are surrounded by warm clean waters that are teeming with fish of every size, shape and color.  From 6 inches of water to over 2000 feet of water you will find fish that will challenge your angling skills.

Visit this site often for pictures and reports covering the fishing action here in the Florida Keys. I cover the entire Florida Keys with my daily fishing reports on Keys wide radio three times a day 7 days a week on three radio staions. I operate Bamboo Charters here in Islamorada Florida in the very heart of the best fishing in Florida if not the World.


Fishing Islamorada.

Bamboo Charters Bay Boat fishing the shallows of Alligator Reef off of Islamorada Florida in the Florida Keys.


Bamboo Charters Captain Matt Bellinger with a huge Tarpon on the line

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